Who is C-Pac? Simplifying Business Solutions Since 1983

Founded in Vancouver, BC in 1983, C-Pac began its journey as the distribution arm of Convert Pac Inc., a prominent US-based paper roll manufacturer. Over the years, C-Pac has evolved into an independent, privately held, 100% Canadian owned and operated company, carving out a niche as a versatile distributor across various industries.

From Paper to Comprehensive Solutions

Initially specializing in paper products, particularly point of sale receipt paper, C-Pac has expanded its portfolio significantly. Today, it proudly distributes a diverse range of products essential to businesses of all sizes. This includes printer supplies, food packaging, office essentials, and direct thermal labels. This broadened scope reflects C-Pac’s commitment to meeting the evolving needs of its customers, whether they are large retailers or small businesses.

Philosophy of Simplification

At the core of C-Pac’s mission is the philosophy to "Make Your Life Simple." Recognizing the challenges faced by businesses—whether they are budding startups or established corporations—C-Pac aims to streamline operations by preventing potential issues before they arise. This proactive approach allows businesses to focus on growth and innovation rather than getting bogged down by day-to-day operational hurdles.

Building Lasting Relationships

C-Pac prides itself on fostering enduring relationships with its clients. Unlike impersonal transactions, C-Pac views each customer as a unique entity with distinct needs and preferences. By investing time in understanding the personality and requirements of each business it serves, C-Pac ensures that every interaction is tailored to deliver optimal solutions. Whether facing tight deadlines or complex demands, C-Pac’s dedicated team goes above and beyond to meet and exceed expectations, consistently finding ways to deliver results.

Specialties and Beyond

C-Pac’s expertise spans several key sectors crucial to operational efficiency. Its specialties include:

  • POS Supplies: Essential for retail and service industries to ensure seamless transactions.
  • Take-out Packaging: Supporting the food service sector with reliable and sustainable packaging solutions.
  • Office Supplies: Comprehensive offerings to facilitate smooth office operations.
  • Direct Thermal Labels: Vital for teams to organize food and order prep, and to ensure customers receive the correct orders.

Through its expansive product range and commitment to personalized service, C-Pac has established itself as a trusted partner for businesses across Canada. By consistently adapting to industry trends and customer feedback, C-Pac remains at the forefront of delivering innovative solutions that empower businesses to thrive.


In conclusion, C-Pac stands as a testament to Canadian entrepreneurship and innovation. With over four decades of experience, it continues to embody its founding principles of reliability, customer-centricity, and simplicity in operations. Whether you’re looking for a partner in streamlining your business’s supply chain or a provider of quality essentials, C-Pac’s dedication to excellence ensures that your business needs are not just met, but exceeded.