Discover the Versatility of C-Pac Kraft #3 Coin Envelopes

C-Pac's Kraft #3 Coin Envelopes are a versatile solution for your small item storage and mailing needs. Measuring 2.5"x4.25", these brown envelopes come in a box of 500 (SKU: SPR01358). Made from durable kraft paper, they offer excellent protection for coins, keys, seeds, and other small items.

Key Features:

  • Durability: Strong kraft paper ensures contents are well-protected.
  • Convenient Size: Perfect for small items and organizational tasks.
  • Bulk Quantity: 500 envelopes per box for ample supply.

Ideal for both personal and business use, C-Pac Kraft #3 Coin Envelopes provide reliable and eco-friendly packaging options.

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