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Do Coffee Cups Really Get Recycled?

Canadians love coffee. Every year, around 1.5 billion cups are thrown out. Enough to fill 2,000 garbage trucks! Some coffee shops have recycling bins that accept coffee cups but do they really get recycled? 

See what CBC Marketplace found out when they put tracking devices in coffee cups and went dumpster diving:

C-PAC only carries 100% compostable and biodegradable coffee and drink cups and lids so you can be assured that your shop and customers are making the earth friendly choice. Check out our full line of cups here

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How To Choose The Right Paper

We carry the complete of Hammermill papers as well as HP Everyday papers. Our staff is well qualified to offer advice on choosing the best paper for every business purpose.

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Why Print Still Matters

Print offers a tactile, memorable experience that stays with the reader longer than online content. The latest scientific studies prove it.

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Busting More Myths About Print and Paper

Here is a very informative video created by TwoSidesNow, a respected organization that gets deep into the facts behind the use of paper in our business life. Worth watching!

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Welcome to the new C-PAC website!

We'll be posting on a regular basis from now on, bringing you product information on the most trusted and respected brands for business and retail operations.

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